Mawrtian of the Month: Paige W. ‘21

Photo Courtesy of Paige W. ‘21

Photo Courtesy of Paige W. ‘21

By Camryn T. ‘21

Paige W. ‘21 is a spirited member of the Class of 2021, whom you may have heard of due to the role she played in taking home a huge win for the Varsity Golf team this season. This year, in a competition at Fox Hollow Golf Course, Paige had a total score of 74 across 18 holes, winning the IAAM A Conference individual title. She closed the championship with a 10-foot putt on the ninth hole, leading Bryn Mawr to finish in first place with the lowest and winning score, 145 points, according to The Baltimore Sun. Paige has displayed hard-work, dedication, and passion not only in golf, but in her involvement on the Chemathon team, which earned second place at this year’s Chemathon, as well. She juggles Chemathon and golf practices on top of an already challenging schedule and academic work. Her dedication to her sport and commitment to success makes her a true embodiment of a Bryn Mawr girl.

Q: Paige, you just led the Bryn Mawr golf team to another championship victory. How does that feel?

A: It is such an honor to have played on the BMS golf team this year and the year before. It has been one of my favorite parts of high school. We are all really close and the team worked so hard to earn that championship. I'm proud to be a part of such a great group of girls and look forward to future seasons.

Q: In winning the IAAM individual title, you’ve recently gained some athletic acclaim and fame, especially being named one of the Baltimore Sun’s Athlete of the Week (May 8th). What is being a locally famous athlete like? Does it change your perspective in anyway?

A: I really appreciate the acknowledgement from the Baltimore Sun. I want to thank Mr. Ecker and Coach Klein for supporting me throughout the season as well as Ms. Veprek and Ms. Shriver. I am honored and humbled to have been picked for this accolade and it has shown me the power of hard work and dedication.

Q: You have never lost a match in your Bryn Mawr golf career. First off, that’s amazing, and secondly, how do you continue to stay driven? Do you ever take a practice off?

A: Thank you. I am going for undefeated throughout all four years of high school. I have had the privilege of playing with two great partners both years, Mayalen Brock ’18 freshman year and Rachel Lee ’20 this year. Rachel and I worked hard as a team to win our matches this year. I am also very proud that the entire team was undefeated this year as well. I am obsessed with the game of golf and I practice as much as I can no matter the weather. There is a rule in my house that I can play as long as its over 40 degrees, but sometimes I can get my dad to sneak me out to the course if its over 30 degrees. I would say the support from my parents and coaches drive me to always work as hard as I can, and my love for my team motivates me to grind out wins even on tough days.  

Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a Bryn Mawrtian?

A: I love that Bryn Mawr teaches us to be bold and confident. Golf is a very male dominated sport and Bryn Mawr has given me the confidence to speak my mind and advocate for myself.

Q: Why golf? What or who got you into golf and when did you start playing?

A: My dad is a good golfer and enthusiast. He signed me up for a local junior camp a few years ago, and I had really never played before. The first day I showed up and I was the only girl. We would pick teams for playing in the afternoon and none of the boys would pick me for their team because of my little ponytail and pink golf ball. They assumed I was no good. To be fair I really wasn’t but that really motivated me to get better and show them that I could hang. I work so hard that summer and by the end I was winning long drive contests. I had completely fallen in love with the game.

Q: You are involved in many extracurriculars, like golf, the Chemathon team, and running a small business. How do you balance being a student athlete, especially with Bryn Mawr being so academically rigorous?

A: It’s a grind, but I love it. I work hard on my game but it really doesn’t feel like work because I love it so much. I study when I can and use my frees productively and use lunch for homework and meetings. The teachers and coaches are so supportive so I feel I can always go to them for extra help if I am having trouble managing it all.

Q: Speaking of your vast range of extracurriculars and outside of school interests, can you tell us about your small soap making business? Why did you start this company and what value do you think entrepreneurship brings, especially to a young adult? More importantly, why is being an entrepreneur important to you?

A: I started the business before I started investing a lot of time in my golf game. I sold soap at the Bryn Mawr Bazaar in 8th grade to raise money for an organization called A Mother’s Cry that holds mother's day brunches to support women who have lost children to gang violence in Baltimore. The business taught me about entrepreneurship in the real world, and the importance of giving back to the community.

Q: Do you ever set aside time to time to decompress, have fun, or do other things, and what do like to do to relax or decompress?

A: I like to hang out with friends on the weekends, go to movies. We always find something interesting to do. Sometimes I go on walks with my mom to take a break in the evening and decompress after school. I like to fish up at Loch Raven with my dad, who is an excellent bass fisherman. I also have some cousins that also go to Bryn Mawr, and some Friday nights we order food in and watch random, awful movies on Netflix.

Q: Have you considered continuing golf in college or later in life? Where do you see your talent in golf leading you?

A: Yes, I want to play in college. Academics are pretty important to me as well, so I am going to look at good academic schools that also have a great division one golf program. I honestly don’t know where my golf game will take me beyond that, but I love the game and can’t wait to see where it takes me.